Teen's twitter campaign for NBA team

The Birmingham Black Bears and Honey Badgers are possible mascots being thrown around for a Birmingham{}NBA team.

No, the city isn't getting one right now. But one teenager has launched a twitter campaign and online petition to generate support.

One comment made by Birmingham Mayor William Bell about interest in a{}NBA team lead to a tweet, a newspaper column and another tweet by a fifteen year old that created a lot of excitement.

As the Oklahoma City Thunder rolled into living rooms, it struck a nerve.

"Oklahoma City, a team in the finals right now, has a lower population than Jefferson County," explained Mountain Brook High School student George Chamoun.

The high school sophomore heard Birmingham's mayor was forming a group to possibly attract a team. That lead to one tweet from his newly created NBABirmingham account- "a NBA{}team wouldn't just bring in money. It would bring our city together."

"It's gotten popular. In the past five days, it got about 3500 followers," he said.

Actually, it was 44 hundred at the time of the interview. By the time the interview finished, another one hundred people decided to follow NBABirmingham.

There's nearly another four hundred people are supporting{}Chamoun through an online petition at

Jackson Knight wrote, "Alabama has no pro teams.... amazing things could happen."

But there are also some who question the feasibility saying posting support means nothing without investors, proper facility and ability to sell tickets. After all, the Birmingham Magicians, an American Basketball Association team, only lasted one season.

But{}Chamoun is optimistic.

"I{}think a{}NBA team would help a lot. It would help the downtown area. It would help the restaurants. It would help bring Birmingham together," he said.

Chamoun calls it a slam dunk if it can happen.

"The{}more followers{}I get, the more possibility we'll have of getting a team in Birmingham," he said.

Chamoun plans on creating a non-profit and T-shirts to generate more excitement.

Anyone{}interested in getting involved, email him at