Terri Sewell wins 7th congressional district race

In the 7th congressional race, incumbent Terri Sewell defeated Republican candidate Don Chamberlain.217,443 (77%) to 66,544 (23%).

Now, Sewell turns her focus toward creating jobs in her district."Bringing new job opportunities to the seventh is our number one issue," said Sewell. "We'll continue with our job fairs, our workshops with job readiness. I think it's critically important that we keep the fight going when it comes to job creation."For supporter, Ingia Gentry, Sewell has had a positive impact on her daughter's life."(Sewell) is very involved in the community. My daughter got to participate in the summer programs that she hosted.{} She's doing a lot for the community, I appreciate that," said Gentry.As the night went on, Sewell was met with hundreds of smiling faces as she celebrated her victory of the seventh congressional district. While also celebrating a victory by President Barack Obama with fellow democrats.