Texas police officer's gift of kindness

Being pulled over by law enforcement usually means rising blood pressure and a decreasing bank account.{}

When Hayden Carlo was stopped near Dallas for having an expired vehicle inspection he explained to the officer that he did not have the money for the renewal and that he chose to feed his family rather than have his inspection renewed.

Imagine the roller coaster of emotions when the officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, handed Carlo the citationthen finding a $100 bill wrapped inside.

"This is not something that is uncommon. Not only in our department, but in law enforcement, it's just you never really hear about these acts. I don't know as far as how often he's done this in the past. I know this individual personally. He is a very, very upstanding, not only officer, but human being. And this is just something that he felt inspired to do," said David Tilley, Plano, TX Police spokesperson.

The police spokesman says they learned about the officer's generous act from the recipient's grandfather.

And what about the citation, Tilley said that Carlo did use the hundred dollars to get his inspection, and the ticket would be dismissed.