Thanks for the Pink!

{}{} Thank you Spain Park High for the invitation to help with your Pink Pep Rally.

The energy inside that gym was amazing.{}{} I can only think with that kind of enthusiasm, we are closer to a cure.

{}{} The National Honor Society Members at Spain Park organized the fund raiser.{} In fact they sold more than 500 T-shirts at 7 dollars each, raising more than three thousand dollars.

{}{} But the awareness is also important... with hundreds of young people wearing those pink shirts, it reminds people to be checked for cancer.{} Early detection is the key to survival in many cancers.

{}{}{} Thank you for the pink... and I reminded the students... while we are focusing on breast cancer awareness this month, we should also remember there are hundreds of different types of cancer... and we all need to be diligent with our health.

{}{}{} If you have people in your life you care about... be sure to get your yearly check-up.

God Bless!