Thawing pipes force two schools to close in Reform

{} Rose Easterwood lives near downtown Reform.{} She tells ABC 33/40 that she's been without water since Monday "We turned on{}the faucet on outside couldn't get no water, so we had to go all the way over to my daughter's house to get water to take a bath."

{}{}Mayor Bennie Harton says many homes are like a church he showed us near Easterwood's home.{} It appears pipes have burst underneath and water is spewing out soaking the ground.

"What we're finding is a lot of residents are maybe at work or other places and really don't know that they have leaks," explain Mayor Harton.

{}{}Water crews are having to find and turn off water to those locations.{} They realized the problem when reserve levels in tanks dropped Wednesday.{}{}"Several of our mains in town have been broken because of the cold weather."

{}{} Thursday, the mayor asked to close Reform Elementary and Pickens County High schools to help preserve water.{} "We were in good shape at the High School. At the Elementary school when water pressure is down they can't cook, they can't have lunch, they can't use the bathroom. As you well know, all elementary schools need to use the bathroom and wash their hands," says Pickens County High School.

{}{} Mayor Harton says "leave the schools down tomorrow and then when they come back Monday our water reserve will have built up."

{}{}{} The schools will remain closed until Monday.

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