The cost of Midland City hostage situation

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson likely spent much of his operations budget in the nearly weeklong standoff with Jimmy Lee Dykes last week in Midland City. (

A nearly weeklong standoff and hostage negotiations in Midland City, Ala. last week is estimated to have cost taxpayers and local law enforcement millions of dollars.

In a report on, John White, a retired Dothan Police Chief, said that Sheriff Wally Olson likely spent much of his operations budget at the Dale County Sheriff's Office, but said the expenditures were "worth every penny."

With assistance from the FBI and several other agencies, law enforcement was able to safely rescue the young boy that was held captive by Jimmy Lee Dykes in an underground bunker for close to six days. Dykes was shot and killed by officers in the rescue operation.

Coroner's Report:{} Dykes sustained multiple gunshot wounds"How do you put a price on a human life? I'm sure Sheriff Wally Olson expended his entire budget in this operation as well as deep into the budgets of others. It's worth every penny to spend that money," White told WDHN's Jamiese Price.White said much of the unanticipated costs stem from overtime pay, fuel and other vehicle expenses.