The cost of the wintry weather

When the wicked weather hit us, our wallets felt it too. From work, school, travel plans and businesses.

Dr. Andreas Rauterkus breaks down the economic expense from the wintry weather over the past few weeks.

"There's going to be some short falls in sales tax," says Dr. Rauterkus. Dr. Rauterkus is an economic forecaster and professor at UAB. He says Jefferson county and the state will likely see a bigger dip in economic performance this winter than we normally would've seen. He says it's because people stay home during the nasty weather and don't do things like eat out.

Also, ALDOT and Jefferson county had to dish out more money in overtime helping to clear roads and protecting the public

Chief Deputy Randy Christian with Jefferson County Sheriff's office says, "We expect that on a yearly basis when we plan our budget." Christian says during the winter storms, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office took a total of 340 calls, 40 one of them were wrecks. No one was seriously injured.

Law enforcement officers were held over, and the ones who weren't at work were called in. But the sheriff's office played it as safe as it could for the people and themselves. "It takes a special kind of person to run towards the trouble instead of away from it," says Christian.

But, it's not all bad news. Some businesses are doing well, like the hardware and grocery stores. But, unfortunately that won't balance out the losses on the other side.