The creation of new school districts has some parents concerned

The creation of new school districts is forcing parents in some neighborhoods to get creative.{} They want their children to remain where they are and not be moved to another school miles away. In the case of parents in one neighborhood in Shelby County, hey want to be de annexed from the city of Pelham. In the case of parents in a Jefferson County neighborhood, they want to be annexed into Gardendale. All this to keep their children in the schools they're currently attending. Gardenale recently decided to split from jefferson county schools to form its own school district. Pelham is finalizing details for its separation from Shelby County Schools. A group of parents in the Mount Olive neighborhood in Jefferson County formed a group, and requested to be annexed into the city of Gardendale so their children can continue attending Gardendale schools after the split. The city denied their request.{} A group of parents in the Bent Creek community in Shelby have signed a petition requesting de-annexation from the city of Pelham. The parents say this will allow their children to continue attending Chelsea schools, which they say are closer. "We're different in that one of us is trying to be annexed, the other is trying to de-annex, but ultimately the common goal is that the children's school zoning is not disrupted," said{}Mount Olive{}parent, Tracy Calvert.ABC 33/40{}spoke with{}Pelham's Board of Education President Rick{}Rhoades{}about some of the parents concerns.{}He says it was never the board's intentions to uproot students. However, he would not go into detail about the plans for finalizing the split.