The happiest & saddest days of 2012


As human beings, our emotions go up and down day after day. {}However, according to a new report from Gallup and Healthways researchers, there's a good chance most of us were pretty happy December 25th. {}The report on the happiest and saddest days of the year is based on 350,000 telephone surveys taken every day over the last year. {}Participants were asked about specific emotions a person experienced "yesterday" as well as the general temperament of America during 2012.Daily happiness was not achieved by Americans to the same level last year as it was during the two years prior, according to the Gallup researcher. {}Forty-eight percent of Americans said that they experienced a "lot of a happiness/enjoyment without a lot of stress/worry" in 2012, compared with 49.1 percent of people in 2011 and 48.4 percent of people in 2010 reporting the same thing.However, just 10.8 percent of Americans said that they experienced a lot of stress or worry without a lot of enjoyment or happiness in 2012 -- 10.8 percent reported feeling this way in 2011 and 11 percent reported feeling this way in 2010.The happiest days of 2012 tended to be on holidays. {}However, researcher found the saddest days of the year were weekdays, particularly at the beginning or middle of the week. {}Of the happiest days, 66 percent of people said their happiest time was Christmas, December 25th. {}Thanksgiving was the runner up with 64 percent of the votes. {}January 1 brought folks a happy new year, garnering 63 percent. {}May 13 hit fourth. {}Mother's Day got 61 percent of the votes. {}Wrapping up the top five happiest days was March 11, which was the start of Daylight Saving Time. {}Sixty percent of those surveyed said this was their happiest day of 2012.On the flip side, the saddest days of 2012 where August 22, September 17, September 20 and Election Day, which was November 6. {}Of those asked, 40 percent said Election Day was the saddest time of 2012, followed by the following day. {}That's when election results were learned. {}This day was tied with 40 percent of the vote. {}The day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn. Also came in as a very sad day in 2012. {}The shooting happened on December 14.