The Hope Fair offers to help families in Loveman Village


An area of Birmingham known for it's poverty is getting a helping hand this weekend. Loveman Village - a public housing community in Titusville, is the center of a city wide project, to give families new opportunities."What we are doing is offering a day of hope for the Titusville community - specifically for Loveman Village," Earlie Simmons, an organizer said.Organizations from around the Birmingham metro are coming together this Saturday for {}the Hope Fair."We want to let them know we love them, that we are in their community, and we are there to help them," Simmons said.They're doing that by providing, free clothes, GED and college counselors, worker training, as well as nutrition and health screenings, even fun activities for children - food and games.{}6th Avenue Baptist Church, Lawson State and Miles Colleges, the Black Nurses Association - and several other organizations have signed on to help. "There is, I think, a significant need for education - an opportunity to show residents how to move beyond where they are. An opportunity for free GED preparation, an opportunity for free college information," Simmons said."We really want to target our young adults because they are our future," Simmons said. "We want to offer them hope."The Hope Fair is free. It will be held from 10am-2pm Saturday, at the Loveman Village Community Center.