The man leading NTSB's Go Team

The National Transportation Safety Board's Go Team will be lead by Dr. Dan Bower. He and several other experts will arrive in Birmingham Wednesday morning to determine what caused a UPS flight from Louisville to crash just before landing in Birmingham.

Dr. Dan Bower is a senior aviation accident investigator. He's been with the NTSB since 1995 and joined the investigation division in 2010. His prior position was as Chief of the Vehicle Performance Division where he specialized in aircraft performance.

Bower has participated in more than 30 domestic and international accident investigations. They include Comair flight 3272, Alaska Airlines flight 261, and TWA flight 800. As is the case with the crash in Birmingham, everyone on board those flights were killed.

He has won numerous awards and even provided help to NASA during the Columbia accident and the FBI investigation into the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The team will include experts in structure, power plants, aircraft performance, and human performance.