The Power of Love!

Love may be more powerful than any medicine or treatment.

Do you remember the song by Huey Lewis and the News... The Power of Love!

Recently I have covered two families: one picking up the pieces in the life of a little boy after a horrific abuse case and another trying to fight back from the debilitating effects of a flu.

Both now are in the process of healing... And that healing is happening through faith and love.

One is a young boy who was abused by his biological mother... He found his way to Children's Hospital because of severe burns from being plunged into a scalding bath.

Prayer requests were sent out to churches.

One family responded... And one woman responded by visiting the child every day. She felt God calling her to adopt the child.

Her love and the love of his new father and sisters has helped Lonnie Smith thrive.

The other is a man who got major brain damage after a bout with the flu. His wife stood by him and didn't give up on him. She insisted he come home. She made sure he had a hospital bed and wheel chair at home. She often reminded him she was right there. Joe went from not being able to move or talk, to walking and saying some words in his own home. It is obvious his determination is fueled by her love.

Remember if you are struggling with something... Love is more powerful than any other emotion.

God Bless.