The State of the Male Youth Summit is this month

The State of the Male Youth Summit promises to tackle a number of the tough issues young people are facing. {}Today on talk of Alabama, Marcus Carson, Executive Director of Growing Kings Inc,{}talked about why they put the Summit together.

It's a project by Growing Kings Inc., and the goal is to "save Birmingham's urban at-risk male youth." {}It takes place{}on{}Thursday, April 19, 2013{}at the Boutwell Auditorium. {}Growing Kings is teaming up with the City of Birmingham and Education Foundation. {}The featured speaker is nationally renowned educator, author and youth advocate, Dr. Steve Perry."Many urban males lack identity, and as a result they turn to the images portrayed to them in media and entertainment." Says Carson. "We've organized this event to reach these young men at a level they can relate to with some of their own classmates who have participated in our programs offering testimony. After this summit, we hope urban male students in Birmingham will embark upon a journey that will better position them for success, and ultimately save their lives."The event is only open to high school males, but the general public can watch the conference and submit questions live on the internet. You can find additional updates on Facebook at{}{}and Twitter at @GrowingKings.