Lawmaker says he "should've snapped" JeffCo commissioner's neck

A{}state representative's comments about{}physical violence{}has one Jefferson County commissioner on alert.

Save Cooper Green Mercy Hospital rallies used to be about the hospital's future.{} They've since turned into a public forum for personal attacks. Thursday,{}State Representative John Rogers went a step further.

For weeks, Representatives John Rogers and Mary Moore have taken aim at Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington calling him "the devil."

"It's a devious cunning devil," said Rogers at the last rally.

On Thursday, he asked, "Who is David Carrington? He's a devil. That's what he is- a devil, a blue eyed devil."

The Jefferson County{}Commission president{}actually has hazel eyes.

But from there, it escalated.

"I'd put him [Carrington]{}in a headlock and bust his nose. Mary Moore was there. He said,{}'I want ya'll to call me and meet me.' He never called me.{}I should've snapped his neck when{}I had him," said Rogers.

Fellow Cooper Green supporters laughed as Rogers made the remark about his last meeting with the commissioner.

But Commission President David Carrington says this is serious.

"It's one thing to disagree on an issue. But when you start to make physical threats,{}I think you cross the line.{}I am not concerned about Rogers but there are{}people he influences, so we are proceeding with precautions," he said.

One of them is to remind the representative that in this case his words are louder than his actions.

"I'll call him this afternoon and see if he can ratchet down the rhetoric," said Carrington.

But that may be difficult. This was Rogers' response when asked about a letter from Carrington requesting a meeting.

"David Carrington can't read, can't add, can't do nothing [sic]. He ought to go to school to learn something," said Rogers.