Third anniversary of murder of Anniston police officer

The family of Justin Sollohub took him off of life support three years ago Monday."He lived from the 24th to the 25th for the organ donation," Jeniffer Morris said about her son."Organ donation needs to be important to everybody.{} We never know, when there's somebody in our [family], when it hits home, that somebody needs an organ.{} It is important to us but it needs to be important to everybody."Sollohub's family said August 24 is the hardest day of the year, as that was the day Joshua Russell shot and killed the 27-year-old police officer.{} A Lee County jury convicted Russell of capital murder in September, and a Calhoun County judge sentenced him to the death penalty in December.Morris said the first anniversary since the conviction is not any easier than the previous two."Having a conviction behind us, I'm glad it's over, but it doesn't make us miss him any less.{} Nothing's going to bring us back," she said."I'm glad of the outcome of the trial, the conviction and everything.{} I appreciate everything the district attorney's office did for us ... but it doesn't affect the memorial of the day he died."There is a memorial to Sollohub at the Centennial Memorial Park in Anniston.{} It is the veteran's memorial for the state, and will in the future also have a memorial to other law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty.Morris visited her son's memorial Sunday and Monday.{} For the first time, she also went to the place where Russell shot Sollohub."It was something I felt like I needed to do, it doesn't bring closure but I felt like it was a chapter left open, that I needed to close that chapter, and we did that.{} We took some beautiful flowers, and laid them where he last laid," she said."Some neighbors out there came out and spoke with us and talked to us and gave us hugs and let us know that we had their prayers, and that we were in their hearts and minds all the time."Morris said she continues to be grateful for the people who give support to her family.