Thomas Lower

Thomas hosts TechBits on Wednesday's 10:00 newscast and Thursday's Good Morning Alabama. In addition, he also produces the 10:00 news.

Thomas says James Spann takes the credit (or blame, depending on your perspective) for getting him into broadcasting. When Thomas was growing up in Tuscaloosa he listened to James on the radio. That gave him the unwise idea of becoming a DJ.

Just out of high school, Thomas got that radio job. A few years later, he moved on to his first TV job at Tuscaloosa's Channel 33 (the 33 in 33/40). He's been with the station ever since.

Thomas lives in Five Points South, and spends lots of time working with computers and other technology (and keeping a running count of the headaches caused by this). He has a passion for travel, and has set foot on all seven continents. Thomas also enjoys photography, cooking, and playing guitar, drums, and didgeridoo (much to the chagrin of his neighbors).

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