Thornton bond reduced, still being investigated

District Court Judge Sheldon Watkins has reduced the bond set for former Birmingham Police Officer, Curtis Thornton.

The 27-year-old is suspected of an arson that took place in Ensley. Originally, the bond was set at $150,000, but Watkins reduced it to $100,000.

Thornton's attorney told the court that Thornton's grandmother, Sue Thornton, has posted the $315,000 bond for Thornton's arsons, attempted arsons and criminal mischief charges in Warrior.

The 72-year-old says it has taken a financial toll on her and her husband, who have many medical bills.

"I hate to spend everything I have," she said. "It puts a burden on me and my husband. Medicine is expensive."

The grandmother is also caring for Thornton's two young children.

Watkins also advised Sue Thornton not to post her grandson's bond until after the investigation is complete. The defense found out, Thursday, that Thornton is still being investigated for other arsons.

Hamock says his client is ready to fight this case.

"He's doing as about as well as to be expected for someone in his position," Hamock said. "I don't think anyone ever wants to go to jail, but if I told you he's depressed, that'd be a lie, too. His spirits are up."

The case is now headed to the grand jury.