Thorsby police search for suspects connected to a violent robbery

Thorsby police are searching for two white males who may be connected with a violent kidnapping and robbery.

Investigators say a married couple and an elderly man were robbed on Sunday at gunpoint at 755 Third Street. The older victim is 94 years old. "He{}had bruises and cuts on his wrist from being tied up," says{}Thorsby Police Chief Rodney Barnett.{}They then kidnapped the lady and took her to a house on Jones street just blocks away.

The female victim was released in a different city, now police officers want to catch the two suspects. "I'm very concerned right now, and I'm scared. I'm hoping that they'll catch them real soon," says Thorsby resident Deborah Allison.

Chief Barnett says,{}"We are trying to locate the suspects and get some justice for the victims."

The ABI is currently heading the investigation.