Thousands join in "See You at the Pole" prayer event

Teenagers around the world gathered early this morning for the annual See You at the Pole morning of prayer.{}

Students meet at their school's flagpole, to pray for their friends school, city, state and nation.

Songs of praise and worship rang out from Oak Mountain Middle School on a soggy Wednesday morning.7th grader Jessica Pack is grateful to share this moment of prayer with her classmates."I think it's important for kids to be here so they can find Christ and find out who He really is and have Him in their heart and that we appreciate this wonderful life that we have," says Pack.Elizabeth Hinton, a youth minister at Asbury United Methodist Church, says the event is a symbol of unity among Christian students. "They are not alone," says Hinton. "We are all willing to stand up for them. Under God and under the flag. It's a unity thing but it shows them that God loves them."At Helena Middle School, students prayed in small groups, holding hands and taking turns saying a prayer. Bay Marks, an eighth grader at Helena, believes See You at the Pole shows the faith journey he and{} fellow Christians share. "We need to come together as a whole, not just for us but for the whole school and the whole community," says Marks. "All the people that came out here that are Christians too, just coming out and praying, putting their differences aside and just praying with each other."At Spain Park High School, more songs of praise and prayers lifted up.Carson Cutright cherishes this day."We don't have many opportunities I feel like today to be able to openly share our faith in public schools," Cutright says. "I feel it's great that students are getting involved and teachers are getting involved, and I think it's great that we are coming together worshiping Christ." For Ryan Brewer, a teacher at Helena Middle School, this day is about religious freedom. "You can't take God out of school. He's here. He's the one that created us. He loves us," says Brewer. "As long as there's people in school, as long as people believe in Him. He's here.

This student-led movement started in 1990. It originated with one youth group in the community of Burleson, Texas during a weekend retreat.