Thousands of fish dead, molasses spill to blame

Workerswill collect thousands of dead fish from Honolulu's waters after a leaky pipecaused more than 230,000 gallons of molasses to ooze into the harbor and killmarine life.

The stateDepartment of Health said in a statement Wednesday hundreds of fish have beencollected so far. It says many more fish are expected to die and thousands willlikely be collected. Thedepartment is warning people to stay out of the area because the dead fishcould attract sharks.

Thebrown, sugary substance spilled Monday from a pipe used to load molasses fromstorage tanks to ships sailing to California.

Officials expect the spill'sbrown plume will remain visible for weeks as tides and currents flush themolasses in to nearby Keehi Lagoon and out to sea.

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