Thousands watch National Championship on Auburn campus


Auburn fans cheered through the doors leading into to Auburn Arena.Danna Beale says "It's the next best thing to Pasadena, just wanted to show our support."Support from fans, alumni and students backing the Tigers for a National Championship win. Thousands grabbed a seat ready to embrace the action!Tom Gus says "The AU spirit gets pumped in here and its better watching it at home."So much reflection on a successful season with a new coach leading the way.Kyle Keaton says "Malzahn you just can tell he's hungry and wants it for the university. He's not selfish and the guys on campus too, you know there's something different about them. They don't walk around better than everybody. They have that drive."Fans went crazy after Auburn scored it's first touchdown - so much spirit shared back at home.Auburn student, Josh Trammell says "It's been a great season, it's what we expect and we love Auburn."Tom Gus says, "This year has been incredible. Gus Malzahn and everybody has been an inspiration. it's great to everybody pumped back up."Fans hope to make that traditional stop at Toomer's Corner after the game. Danna says, "We brought toilet paper, five rolls, one for everybody."Kathryn Benda says "It's really close to Toomer's Corner, so if we get a victory, we can get over there real quick."