3 children in Greensboro escape mobile home fire that claimed their mother's life

Three children are without their mom tonight after an early morning fire in Greensboro destroyed the family's mobile home. The three children made it out ok, but the mom died trying to save their home. {}

This quickly became an all hands on deck situation for Hale County emergency management workers. They told us the children didn't even have shoes on their feet when they came out of the burning home around 4:00 Monday morning. Now it's a community -wide effort to help the three young boys who lost their mom.

"She's so young. she just had her birthday on the 9th of July and today's she's gone," Mentha Raybon, Melissa's Mom said.29 year old Melissa Rabon's mom told us, her daughter made sure her three young boys were safe outside before trying to put water on the burning house."He already, where my Momma at?" Raybon said. "He knows she was in the house, so he was saying the house, my Momma's in the house. It's going to be hard on him."She says the oldest, 12 year old Jaylan, smelled smoke and woke up his brothers - ages 7 and 2."It's been hard to see your baby die - and to die like that in the fire," Raybon said. "She left three small kids. They don't have a mother."'The mother had gone back in to extinguish the flames," Russell Weeden, EMA Director said. "She went back in the bathroom to get a bowl of water to try and toss on the fire and that's where she was found. "In a matter of hours, EMA Director Russell Weeden began trying to find help for the family."It was a total loss of the home and everything in it," Weeden said. "The kids are going to have to start over with nothing.""The kids, they lost everything: money, clothes, food, they need everything," Raybon said."When someone like that happens, you'd be surprised, people came from everywhere just to see could they help," Sheriff Kenneth Ellis, Hale Co. said. "We all need to learn to love one another. We never know when our life will be cut short."A fund for the family is set up at people's bank and citizen's bank in Greensboro to help with clothing and baby products - as well as funeral expenses for their mom. The cause of the fire is under investigation.