Three homicides in Birmingham during the weekend

Officers responded in the 200 block of 22nd Avenue Southwest to a homicide investigation. One member of the community Jonnie Ray says, "Everybody maintains in the house now, nobody wants to come out." As the community grieves, others a few miles away are somewhat relieved.

A shooting outside of the Birmingham entertainment center, once known as Club Chubby's, sent one person to the hospital but no one died.

And on 2nd street S.W. and Cotton Avenue, Bester Wyatt, is in disbelief after finding out one of his neighbors was shot and killed Saturday morning. Wyatt says, "It's real bad, because crime on us we doing it to ourselves, nobody else doing it but us."

Officers learned the victim got into an argument with a cab driver before he was shot.

While the details surrounding the incident aren't clear, Wyatt believes more people should be held responsible. "The cab people need to start to investigate a little more who they put behind the wheels," says Wyatt.

And in the small town of Brookside, residents are still shaken up about Friday night's homicide.

Longtime resident Johnny Bittle says, "The only thing I know is that I just don't like it happening in my neighborhood."

Officers say 31 year old Timothy Stewart was shot in Pratt city at a gas station. He was found dead inside a car, behind Brookside town hall

Birmingham police say if there is any additional information pertaining to any of these cases, you're encouraged to call crime stoppers at 205-254-7777