Three juveniles in Tuscaloosa charged with animal cruelty of kittens

Maggie Davis often sits on her porch on 4th Street in the Alberta community of Tuscaloosa.{} You'll find her petting either her puppy 'Girl' or one of several cats.{} One cat recently had kittens but Davis says{}children{}next door recently{}started torturing the babies.{} " They'll say she gone [Davis] and let's get them now, let's get them now. I said if you bother my kittens I'm going to get a switch and come out there and whip all of your tails,"{}said Davis.{}{}Police say the boys{}12, 14 and 15 were not intimidated by Davis' threat to leave her kittens alone.{}{}On Sunday, an unnamed witness{}apparently saw the boys tossing at-least two{}kittens high in the air and letting them fall to the ground hard.{} The witness alerted police.{} Both, an officer and animal control{}agent responded.{}{}"There's a possibility that there were other kittens involved.{} There may have been others that ran away.{} But, at the time the officers arrived there just two [kittens] there," said Lt. Brad Mason,{}a spokesperson for Tuscaloosa Police Department.The boys{}were arrested and each charged with Animal Cruelty.Police say when they arrived the{}kids were attempting to bury one kitten{}alive and another kitten had to be euthanized because of injuries.{}{} However, their{}uncle Tyrone Lewis came to their defense.{} He says{}he doesn't believe the boys really meant to harm the animals.{} " When my auntie tells them to{}put them [kittens] down, they put them down but when she leaves nobody knows what they're doing to those cats,"{}he said.Davis says she is just glad the abuse has stopped.The three juveniles were released to their{}parents on the condition they'll appear in court.{}
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