Drunk driver kills 3 in Fayette including 16 year old

Vehicles involved in fatal crash on Highway 171 in Fayette Sunday Feb 2, 2014 (

ABC 3340 has learned three people died in a Fayette vehicle crash last night including a teenager.{} The accident happened around 8:00 p.m. Sunday, on Highway 171 near the Walmart in Fayette.{} Three cars were involved.{} The drivers of two cars, 36-year-old Latisha Terry and 28-year old-Timothy Gallups were killed.{} Also, Terry's 16 year old daughter died overnight at the hospital.

Fayette's Police Chief confirms they believe Mr. Gallups was intoxicated and that contributed to the accident. His body has been sent the Department of Forensics for an autopsy.

Gallups is from Rockford.{} Terry lived in Fayette.


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