Three sisters pulled from Fayette fire

{}{}{} Smoky walls inside apartment 91 in the Fayette Housing Community tell the nightmare that happened early Monday morning.{} Neighbors thought they heard an explosion.{} A neighbor, Mario Prewitt described it as "A boom -- I guess like when a gas line catches, I don't know."

{}{}{}{} But, fire fighters believe the blaze started in the kitchen.{} Three young girls...ages one, four and six...were sleeping. "The kids were screaming at first. But, I guess they like passed out,"recalled Prewitt.{} "I just saw flames coming out the back. So, when I saw that I came over here," said another neighbor.

{}{}{} Relatives living nearby began breaking windows to get the children out. "People that were there, they were helping," said the brother of the children's grandfather.{} He helped a firefighter rescue the youngest child. "I walked over to the window and he was looking for the little baby. And I saw her because he was shining his light around. He picked her up and he handed her to me and we got her out.

{}{} As they pulled the children out-- one by one -- neighbors watched in tears... "I'm hoping everything is ok with them. It hurt me just seeing them laid out like that and they weren't moving.{} They weren't breathing and it just hurt me."

{}{}{} Two of the children were airlifted to Children's hospital in Birmingham.{} The other was transported by ambulance with his mother who was not injured.{} All of the children largely suffered smoke inhalation and were still in the Intensive Care Unit Wednesday evening.

{}{}{} One of two other adults who were in the apartment at the time was slightly injured and treated at a hospital in Fayette.