Three Stabbed in Birmingham

Two stab victims are recovering from their wounds while a third recovers from surgery after a mid-morning fight in a Birmingham apartment complex.

Police have one suspect in custody. {}The suspect will be facing multiple charges. The victims' identities have not been released. {}However, eye-witnesses at the scene say the fighting happened between family members.

21-year old Choc White, who lives nearby, said a brother stabbed his sister, nephew and one other person. {}

White said the nephew, "ran into this man's house. And the next thing you know he came out with a hole in his side like he had got cut. And then a lot more people ran over there and he cut them too. And then the girlfriend came out shooting and then a girl grabbed a chair and tried to bust his windows, and had bricks and stuff you know."

Birmingham police officers from the West Precinct said they received word of the stabbing in the 1200 block of Tuscaloosa Ave. SW at the "L" Apartment Complex at 10 A.M. {}The incident occurred in the parking lot outside one of the apartments.{}