Three teens indicted on felony murder charges for death of Summer Moody

Daniel Parnell

A Baldwin grand jury has indicted three teens on felony murder charges for their involvement in the shooting death of Summer Moody on Gravine Island in April.

Scott Byrd, Dillon Tyree and Daniel Parnell were with Moody on April 15 when she was shot in the head following the teens breaking into a camp on Gravine Island. Along with the felony murder charges, the three 18-year-olds face first-, second- and third-degree burglaries in the case.

"The entire matter was presented to the grand jury, who determined what charges should be leveled and who to charge. The law is very clear that Miss Moody's death was the result of the young men's actions, and felony murder applies," District Attorney HallieDixon said.

Moody was shot after a concerned residents William Hearn, Lonnie Davidson and Larry Duncan fired warning shots near the camp that the teens had burglarized. She died several days later at an area hospital.

"But for the actions of these three young men - who were engaging in armed burglaries and who acted aggressively when caught - Summer Moody would be with us today," said Dixon.

Hearn, Davidson and Duncan were cleared of any wrongdoing stemming from the incident, and are not expected to face any charges in the future.

Byrd, Tyree and Parnell remain in jail, and a bond hearing has been set for 8:30 a.m. Friday.