Tide rolls from Tuscaloosa to Miami

      Quarterback AJ McCarron walks to the Alabama team buses in Tuscaloosa Wednesday. (

      {} The Alabama Crimson Tide Football team set off this morning for possibly its third national championship win in four years.

      {}{} When the Tide players started boarding buses, little Ethan Wilson was in place.{} He was decked out in Bama gear and really to see just one player. "Eddie Lacey...Why? Because he's a running back and I love running backs (laughs)"

      {}{} Ethan and his mom were the only fans to gather outside the Mal-Moore Athletic Facility on{}the University of Alabama{}campus.{} " support them. Its just great and its exciting to watch them leave and cheer for them," said Julie Wilson.

      {}{} More fans cheered on the tide from the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport as the team boarded a plane for Miami. "I just can't go to the game. I have to go to work so I wanted to come out and wish them the best," said fan Diana Poe.{}

      {}{} It was a more scaled down crowd than the last time around, but fans such as Wilson{}say there is no such thing as fan fatigue. "I don't think so I think everybody's excited about it and to get to go again its just a miracle."

      {}{} Davis Aaron was hoping for a miracle to get photos he's taken with players signed especially, "Dee Millner....why him? because he hits people really hard and he makes good interceptions."

      {}{} And some of the youngest Bama fans{} say they can hardly wait for the game on Monday. "If they get on a roll, I think they'll simply run over the Notre Dame defense. and I'm looking forward for that match up," explained John Daniel.