A marriage takes give and take... but what about those who work together?

in matters of faith tonight... Brenda ladun meets a couple that operates a business out of their home...

and looks at how their relationship.

ken riddle/artist. "she saw a pumpkin she wanted to make a pumpkin galvanized tin went and bought it... she rough drew it then I cut it."

And that's how Tinsations began.... now the riddles are busy doing a lot of crosses.

He cuts the metal... She paints and finishes it.

Ken left a lucrative sales career... to do this.

Ken Riddle: "We sat down and prayed about it talked about it and said lets give it a go."

Local orders from friends and family took off.

@Ken: "We're still in the infancy trying to grow the business. We have gone to Atlanta gift mart Atlanta's Americas mart in Atlanta picked up whole sale customers.

@The crosses are their ministry as well... a way to start a conversation... a way to talk about their faith.

@Lisa Riddle: "We took it totally by faith when we did this."

@Ken says early morning prayers help him keep his faith through uncertain times with the business.

Ken: "To calm myself through stressful things take time and pray through things. The faith aspect keeps everything good."

Now working together... day in and day out... has it's normal frustrations... but also blessings....

Lisa: "Some days we hate each other... laughs. We try to glorify god in all that we do."