Toddlers rescued from drowning in backyard pool

The scene outside a home in Somerville where two toddlers were found lying face down in a pool. . Photo courtesy WAAY-TV

Two Morgan County toddlers were saved from drowning byrescue crews Monday after the babysitters found them lying face down in afamily pool.

Morgan County Sheriff AnaFranklin says deputies responded to the call on Callie Private Drive inSomerville around 5 p.m.{} According toreports, two babysitters pulled the toddlers from the pool and waited for rescuecrews to arrive.

Neither child was responsivewhen authorities arrived. Franklin says the two could have been in the poolanywhere from one to 30 minutes.

Both were taken to a hospitalin Decatur before being transferred to Huntsville Hospital.

It is believed that thetoddlers went out the back door and fell in the pool.