Tom Brady shedding light on ACL injuries among children

With Spring training and baseball season this time of year, doctors are concerned about athletic injuries--especially when it comes to children.

Anytime a child steps up to the plate, they are risking serious injury that could affect them for the rest of their lives. A common injury among adult athletes is the tearing of the ACL--the main stabilizing ligament of the knee. The injury is now increasing among children. Some doctors are calling it an injury epidemic, leading kids to arthritis and other problems as they grow up. The ACL isn't strong enough to take the strain of repeated movements all by itself. So, kids who play the same sport for hours every day are at risk.7-year-old Caleb Seymour is a perfect example. He took a bad hit playing tackle football, and tore his ACL. He is now in extensive rehab. NFL great Tom Brady is taking the time to shed light on these types of injuries. He even helped Caleb, who is a big New England Patriots fan, feel better about his injury, by visiting with him and explaining how he got over his torn ACL.There is a simple solution to avoid ACL injury: a set of exercises that strengthen the muscles around the knee. By doing them, you can reduce the risk by almost 75%. The exercises are also good for adults. Also, experts say parents should ask their kids coaches if they are doing preventative exercises before and after practice.