Toomers for Tuscaloosa is stepping in to help those still struggling after Hurricane Sandy.

After hurricane sandy made landfall, thousands of families in the northeast were left without power, transportation and basic necessities.

People around Alabama know what it feels like to be forced to start over.

"It's absolutely emotional, it is emotional, this has to be emotional," says Michelle Mitchell. Mitchell is with Toomers for Tuscaloosa, a local organization that's getting ready to gather supplies and take them Staten Island. She makes phone calls, sends emails and uses social media to find and help victims. Mitchell says, "Were getting need requests from individual people from local people on the grounds that are relaying the messages." Right now, the organization is taking donations online and will be stuffing their trucks with supplies. "We have to have everybody's participation to do what we can do to be most effective, and do more than we can do by ourselves," says Mitchell.

Since "Sandy" more than 1.5 million customers remain without power in New York and northern New Jersey. Michael Sznajderman with Alabama Power says, "We have over 900 people, in metro New York and New Jersey and also in West Virginia assisting.

Sznajderman says Alabama Power is helping with underground work, putting up poles and wires.

Meantime, Mitchell continues to garner as much information as she can for Tommers for Tuscaloosa, all of this to give back. Mitchell says, "They need supplies, they can't go to Wal-Mart right now and get it, we got to send it, they did that for us, we got to pay it forward."

Toomers for Tuscaloosa will be stuffing their trucks at two locations this November 8th and 9th. You're encouraged to donate anything you can to help these victims. The group will be at Wal-Mart on 280 in Inverness and the JCPenny in Alabaster from 10am to 7 pm.

For more information or to donate online, visit