Tornado wreaked havoc on small Pickens Co. town

One of the homes in Pickens County that sustained extensive damage in the storms that swept through Alabama Thursday. (

{}{} While no one was injured in the Macedonia storm, Joseph Gibbs believes he could have died.{} "If my little girl had not woke me up to get my mother I'd be dead," he said.

{}{} His mobile home on Dowdle road was obliterated during when the storm hit.{}{}{} Gibbs was asleep in his bed where wall behind it was blown down.

{}{} On the same road, the storm flipped and dismantled another mobile home, Terry Wilkins says it could have "killed someone, if someone would have been in the yard. Sure would have because it blew stuff all across there all up the road."

{}{}{} Wilkins was using the trailer to store antiques.{} He's now picking up the pieces.{} Meanwhile, the National Weather Service was piecing together the storm's path.

{}{}{} John De block says it was "a very wide tornado for the strength that it was. Right now, we're looking at winds upward of about a 100 miles per hour."

{}{}{} That explains how a big hole was blown into a story home on County Road 75.

{}{}{} Weather experts believe the tornado was about a half-mile wide.{} It was just enough to scrape off the roofing of other homes.{} "It come from that way because mostly hit the edge over here. It didn't hit those edges over there," says Henry Wilkins.

{}{}{}{} The NWS says the most impressive thing was miles of trees that were knocked down. "When we see a long narrow path. That really indicates to us that its like to be a tornado. Then we look at the other details to see the convergence of the trees that have fallen," added De block.