Toronto's Mayor, Rob Ford, has higher approval than Obama

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, has a higher approval rating than President Barack Obama.

A new poll shows embattled Ford has a 42 percent approval rating.

The poll from Forum Research was taken, Wednesday, which was two days after the Toronto City Council stripped Ford of most of his powers.

That move followed Ford's admission that he smoked crack cocaine in a "drunken stupor." About 1,000 Toronto voters participated in the survey.

At 42 percent, Ford has a higher approval rating than U.S. leaders, including President Obama, who has a{}39 percent approval rating, according to one Gallup Poll. A CNN/ORC poll, also conducted this past week, has the president's approval at 41 percent.

A Gallup poll taken the week of November 7th shows Congress at a nine percent approval rating.

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