Total AL traffic fatalities down, but more deaths involved no seat belts

While fewer people died on Alabama's roadways in 2013, the state reports the number of victims who weren't wearing seat belts actually increased.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety released the final 2013 fatal accident statistics. 515 people were killed in 2013, which is down by one. But of those victims, 257 were not wearing seat belts. That's an increase of five from 2012.

"Seatbelts and child restraints are the most effective safety feature in a motorvehicle and help to save hundreds of lives each year," said Col. Hugh B.McCall, director of the Alabama Department of Public Safety. "In Alabama, using seat belts and child restraints is not an option. It's thelaw."

It's just the sixth day of 2014. Already the state reports five traffic deaths. DPS says seat belts were not used by three of the victims.