Tower audio from August UPS crash that killed 2 released

Wreckage of UPS flight 1354 burning near airport in Birmingham AL in August 2013

An audio recording from the control tower at Birmingham's airport shows workers were trying to reopen the main runway when a UPS cargo jet crashed while trying to land on an alternate runway, killing two pilots.

The recording shows an air traffic controller asked a Birmingham Airport Authority worker about reopening the runway less than two minutes before the Airbus A300-600 jet went down on Aug. 14.

The main runway was closed for maintenance, and the UPS aircraft attempted to land on a shorter runway. The jet clipped trees and slammed into a hill near the runway.

The recording shows a cargo carrier from UPS competitor FedEx landed safely on the main runway just moments after the crash.

The audio is posted on the Federal Aviation Administration's website. Click Here for a transcript or to hear the audio.