Toxic Personal Products??

One maker or over the counter personal products promises to get rid of some toxic and possibly cancer-causing agents by the end of 2015.

Johnson & Johnson intends to reformulate its adult cosmetics and toiletries to remove any toxic and possibly cancer-causing agents.

Its personal care products include Neutrogena, Lubriderm and Aveeno labels.

The reformulation plans call for phasing out two probable carcinogens -- formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane -- plus triclosan (an antibacterial agent), phthalates (endocrine disruptors), parabens (preservatives), and unlabeled fragrance ingredients by late 2015.

J&J said already, these chemicals have been reduced or eliminated in some of its products.

J&J also launched a website for consumers -- -- outlining its procedures for maintaining safe and high-quality ingredients.