Heavy traffic at St. Vincent's East Hospital during wintry weather

One of the many Jefferson County Roads and Transportation sand trucks that were in action on Thursday during the winter storm. (

The winter storm that cruised through Central Alabama on Thursday, dropping a couple inches of wet snow on Birmingham along the way, caused a lot of headaches for people trying to navigate the slushy roadways to and from St. Vincent's East Hospital.

Traffic around the hospital really got hectic around 3 p.m. as visitors, patients and employees became unable to leave or enter the area due to unsafe driving conditions.

While some were pleased with the effort by police to prevent any accidents, others were upset that sand trucks didn't get there fast enough to prevent the traffic jam.

"It's frustrating," April Chapman, a hospital employee said."You would think that they would've sanded this road first knowing that people had to get in and out to work and people have to get to a hospital."

Traffic opened back up around 6pm.