Traffic backs up along I-65 in Cullman

For people in most areas, transportation troubles are over, but lingering slush could be a problem Friday morning in some areas. One of the areas with the biggest impact was Cullman County. They're dealing with multiple wrecks and lane closures.The traffic heading north came to a screeching halt. Several accidents - including over-turned 18 wheelers stopped lanes on both sides. A couple traveling from Nashville to Baton Rouge told us, the snow doubled their travel time."The snow started getting pretty heavy and the next thing we knew, things just got slower and slower until things finally stopped. It was like that for 3-4 hours for sure," Michael Ashby, a driver said. "Then we slowly started crawling a little bit but then it would stop and start and stop and start.""We definitely won't be line dancing tonight, that was our rendezvous was to meet up with friends and go line dancing so I don't think that's in the cards!" Holly Ashby, his wife said.The Cullman County Sheriff's Office told us, I-65,Highway 31, Highway 157 and Highway 278 stayed at a standstill. And there were so many accidents, they didn't have enough deputies to go around. There have been several accidents with injuries, but thankfully, no fatalities. The biggest back up is at I-65 North."We're just asking that if folks can avoid that area, to please do so," Phyllis Little, EMA Director, Cullman said. "Some trailer trucks have slid off the road and it's going to take time to get those cleared tonight."Cullman County schools closed early Thursday. They'll be closed again all day Friday -and county offices will delay opening until 10am."The snow picked up at Cullman High School about 11:15-11:30. By the time we got out of school today at 12:15, the snow started to stick so it was kind of tricky getting all the kids home," Bobby Meyer, teacher, Cullman Co. High School said.

The Cullman County Emergency Management Director says right now, the Red Cross is opening up a shelter for stranded drivers. It's at the Cullman Civic Center on 5th Street Southwest.