Update: Train derailment in Tuscaloosa County

Train derailment near Buhl - photo from Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

Update:Tuscaloosa County, AL- No word yet on what caused a train{} to tumble off the tracks in Tuscaloosa County.The train wreck in the Buhl Community caused some people living near the tracks to leave their homes."Never heard not one sound."{}That's surprising because the Alabama Southern Railroad Train derailed not far from Cody Payne's{} house. Payne says, "Very thankful I have friends to come check on me since we weren't part of the evacuation, being one of the closest ones to it."The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office did alert others living near the track. Some evacuated, some didn't. Billy Green with the Tuscaloosa County EMA says, "No product was lost. Initially, there was an evacuation for safety precautions, but once it was determined that there was no product lost or no hazard to anybody, people were allowed to go back into their homes."ABC 33/40 captured an overhead view of the crash site.{} Six cars carrying an oil substance overturned along with a cargo box trailer carrying paper.It happened around 2:30 near Sipsey Valley Road North. No one was hurt.Green says, "we're extremely lucky no product was lost, just with any hazmat you may have, there's always danger there. but, the way they were structured, it's a double line tank and held the product in, it did its job."And neighbors are thankful too this situation wasn't any worse.Joey Templeton says, "I just thank the good lord, no one was injured."Alabama Southern will now be investigating. The oil will be loaded onto a truck and a bulldozer will be picking up the cars. The railroad company will be working here through the night.Once the scene is cleared, Alabama Southern says the track will be inspected.The rail line is expected to be up and running again by Wednesday.Update:Those evacuated from this accident are being allowed to return to their homes.-----The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office has ordered a mandatory evacuation for Sipsey Valley Rd. near 16000 Crosscut Dr. due to a train derailment.Due to the derailment of cars carrying oil, an evacuation of 1,000 feet from derailment near 16000 Block of Crosscut Dr. and Sipsey Valley Rd. has been ordered due to the threat of fire.