Train Derails in Talladega and comes close to hitting man

Christopher Powell said he kept his cool as a train car crashed into his vehicle.{}"I think I seen it in time," said Powell.{}A train derailed in Talladega on Bemiston Ave. {}Four train cars tipped, spilling marble dust. The train tracks themselves looked mangled and disfigured.{}Powell says he was in his work, close to the tracks, when the train derailed. {}He heard a loud boom and knew something was wrong.{}"I seen that car fly up into the air so {}I just moved out the way showed us the spot where a train car struck his work vehicle, "said Powell.{}Powell wasn't hurt but his car did sustain damage."It was just a light impact. It wasn't hard. You could tell it hit though," said Powell.{}Powell was near the tracks because he works for a transport company that moves personnel who work on the train.{}Powell's supervisor, Ron Comer, said had Powell not moved his car when he did, he would have been crushed.{}"If he would have {}been there he would have not made it. We're just fortunate that everything worked out the way it did," said Comer, Vice President of Sylacauga Deluxe Cab Company, Inc.Talladega Police closed down Bemiston Ave. as crews worked to get the scene under control. {}Drivers were re-routed to a nearby street.{}Police aren't sure what caused the train to derail but say they plan to continue their investigation.{}As for Powell, he's thanking a higher power for his safety and maintaining his level head.{}"The best way to be is to be calm," said Powell.{}


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