Diabetic alert dog to keep watchful eye over Holly Pond boy

Hawk, a diabetic alert dog, will help monitor the blood sugar levels of 10-year-old Xander Bonelli of Holly Pond. (

Xander Bonelli, 10, has a new friend in his life; a dog named 'Hawk.'{}"He helps me to where I don't go too low or too high," said Bonelli, of Holly Pond. "He's a furry friend that can sleep with me."{}The 9 month old pup is specially trained to detect sudden highs and lows in Xander's blood sugar. {}Xander was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was four. The family sought a dog like Hawk to help monitor Xander. {}Before that could happen, the family would have to pay a $20,000.00 price tag.{}Luckily, they were able to get help. {}Half of the money came from an organization called Miracles of Hope. {}They help families affected by diabetes; offering resources and help in securing a diabetic assistance dog. {} The rest of the money came from generous donors in the community.{}"I've been very appreciative to all of the people who have helped in getting us to this point," said Melissa Powe, Xander's mother.{}Since October, Hawk has undergone intense training geared toward monitoring Xander. Cotton balls carrying Xander's saliva were sent to the dog's trainer we well.{}"First, he went through obedience training. Then, he went through a familiarizing period where he got familiar with different sounds, different situations with large numbers of people," said Powe.{}Now with his new family, Hawk has been able to alert Powe to changes in Xander's blood sugar. {}For the first time in 6 years, Powe is finally able to get a good night's sleep.{}"I still stay up late and do my midnight check but when I do get to go to sleep it's a deeper sleep," explained Powe.{}Motivated to help other families, Powe is paying it forward by working with the organization that helped get Hawk to Holly Pond.{}"We want other parents to have the same sense of peace and security that I have," she said. {}