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Here are some of the popular online searches for October 12, 2012.

Giant Eyeball

Once, this person was walking along the beach and suddenly there was an eyeball looking up! It was bigger than a softball!{} I know that sounds like a ghost story. But, it's real!

The eyeball{} washed up in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Florida fish and wildlife organization has taken the "bright blue orb" to its lab for identification purposes.

One marine biologist says it's similar to the shape of a squid's eye, which she says is easily dislodged.

Still, imaginations are running wild!

European Union Nobel Prize

This year's Nobel Peace Prize goes to the 27-nation European Union. The Nobel committee praised the EU for uniting the continent both after World War II and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Of course, the prize comes as several EU nations struggle with a debt crisis.

The prize will be presented December 10.

James Bond "Most Influential Man of 2012"

Fast cars, fashionable attire, fabulous women and phenomenal gadgets! Who does that bring to mind?

British secret agent James Bond is's "Most Influential Man of 2012." Of course, Daniel Craig is Hollywood's most recent Bond.

Trailing Bond in second on the list is Olympic champ Usain Bolt.{} Bill Clinton, Seth MacFarlane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt round out the top five.

FYI... James Bond doesn't really exist...

Tom Hanks on Broadway

Actor Tom Hanks is trying something new. He will make his Broadway debut in the spring. He will play New York Columnist Mike Mcalary in a production of "Lucky Guy."

Mcalary, was the city's one-time dominant tabloid reporter.{} He died of cancer just a few months after winning the Pulitzer Prize.

Opening night is April 1.