Trending topics 10/23

Here are some of the topics trending online for October 23, 2012.

Bob Schieffer Debate Gaffe

Bob Schieffer's parting advice after last night's debate came from his mom.{} She reminded him, "Go vote. It makes you feel big and strong." Schieffer kept the candidates on point, but he didn't make it through the night without a gaffe. "We know that Pakistan has arrested the doctor who helped us catch Obama's (sic) bin Laden. It still provides safe haven for terrorists," said Schieffer.

He realized his mistake almost immediately, and he didn't miss a beat. The mistake isn't all that uncommon. During coverage of Osama bin Laden's death last year, many members of the media made the mistake. Including Keith Olbermann, Norah O'Donnell, Mark Knoller and Geraldo Rivera.

Giants vs. Tigers World Series

The Giants blasted the St. Louis Cardinals to win the National League pennant and a shot at the World Series title. San Francisco will host game one of the World Series on Wednesday night against the Detroit Tigers.

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions

Defense was the name of the game in Chicago, where the Bears beat the Lions 13-7. Division leader Chicago improves to 5-1 while last-place Detroit tumbles to a 2-4 record.

Popularity & Salary Study

A new study finds that if you're "popular" in high school, you might earn more later in life.{} As much as ten percent more! The researchers say those with good social skills do better with colleagues and clients as adults.{}

The paper,published by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that when schools try to prepare their students for successful lives, a purely academic focus might not be enough.

It says teenagers who learned to "play the popularity game" in high school are more apt to figuring out "what" they need to know to succeed in the workplace.