Trending Topics 10/26

Techies are buzzing about the new Windows 8. But know what you're buying before taking the plunge. The big deal with Windows 8 is that a user doesn't have to decide whether to get a PC or a Tablet. With the release of Windows 8 computer makers are doing their best to blur the boundaries. There is now an array of devices that mesh keyboards and touch screen together.

Microsoft says it has certified one-thousand devices for use with windows eight and its sibling operating system, windows RT. Just keep in mind the two systems look the same, but are really quite different.

Apple's stock dropped below 600 dollars a share for the first time in three months. Quarterly earnings came in below expectations. Iphone sales were up 58-percent from last year, but ipad sales were lower than expected. Still, the company is looking ahead to a record-shattering holiday season. Apple began taking pre-orders today for the ipad mini. It hits store shelves a week from today.

Leann Rimes is opening up about her battle with anxiety. The singer says she voluntarily checked herself into a program last month to help her better handle all the emotions that come with living in the spotlight. In an interview with Katie Couric, Rimes said it's hard for people to understand why she struggles. But now that she's getting help, it feels like she's been given a fresh start.

And, Taylor Swift may have some new material for her next album. She and Conor Kennedy have reportedly split. A close friend told US Magazine there were no hard feelings between the two. It was simply a matter of them being too far apart. The country star says she has some big news that she'll announce tonight on 20/20.