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Hurricane Sandy NYC Damage

New York's bridges are reopen, reconnecting a city that was otherwise nearly isolated. The subways, that's a different story. The challenges that lie ahead are described as enormous. There's no word on when the subways will start running again. Several of the train tubes beneath the East River remain flooded.{} One subway station in lower Manhattan still has water up to the ceiling.

In the news business, the slogan is get it first...but get it right! Some media outlets got it wrong Monday night. Both CNN and The Weather Channel falsely reported that the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange was under three feet of water. CNN meteorologist Chad Myers cited the "National Weather Service through broadcast media." A spokesperson for the stock exchange told ABC News The Weather Channel issued an "egregiously false" report.

CNN's Myers ultimately said the story came from a message board.

HMS Bounty Crew Search

The wife of the captain of the HMS Bounty is holding on to hope that her husband will be found alive. Robin Walbridge is an experienced sailor, but he has been missing since Monday morning when the ship took on water and sank off the North Carolina coast. Fourteen crew members were found in good condition. One woman died.