Trending topics 11/7

Here are some of the topics trending online for November 7, 2012.

Social Media & 2012 Election

Social media was on fire election day. People started tweeting early and just kept going well into the night. The trends changed as the day progressed, but there was a common theme.

Vote 2012, election day and the hashtag "#IVoted" were trending all throughout the day. The most tweeted pictures were those with their "I Voted" stickers.

According to "twitter government" - the election was the most tweeted event in U.S.- history with as many as 20 million poll-related tweets....

Tammy Baldwin

Wisconsin made history by electing the state's first female senator and the country's first openly gay senator. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin narrowly defeated former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson.

Baldwin told a crowd of supporters she didn't run to make history, she ran to make a difference.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan will return to congress. The Wisconsin republican was re-elected to his House seat on the same day he and Mitt Romney lost the White House.

Ryan says he is "immensely proud of the campaign" they ran and grateful to Romney for choosing him as his running mate.

Guatemala Earthquake

At least 15 people are dead following a strong earthquake off the Pacific coast of Guatemala.

The seven-point-five magnitude quake rocked the capital and shook buildings as far away as Mexico City and El Salvador.