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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Pregnant

Kim and Kanye, plus one. The couple is expecting. They've been together eight months.

Kim Kardashian's divorce isn't final yet from NBA player Kris Humphries. But, Kanye West made the announcement at a Sunday show in Atlantic City, New Jersey that he is about to be a dad.

The Monday morning tweets spread fast from Kardashian family members, including Kim's mother and sisters.

Hugh Hefner Wedding

Wonder if Hugh Hefner is nervous?

He is expected to marry his 26-year-old financee Crystal Harris tonight. Hefner is 86. This will be his third marriage. The couple got "re-engaged earlier this month.{} She called off the wedding last year with less than a week to go.{}

Tonight's wedding will be at the Playboy Mansion.

China Parental Visit Law

China's national legislature{} now requires adult children to visit their parents "often" or risk being sued by their mom and dad. The measure is in response to numerous reports about elderly parents being abandoned or abused.