Trending topics 1/4

Here are some of the topics trending online for January 4, 2013.

Zero Dark Thirty Investigation

Audiences who watched the movie "Zero Dark 30" got the impression waterboarding a terrorist helped identify the courier who led to Osama Bin Laden. Where did the director and the writer get that idea?

The Senate intelligence committee watched the movie too. Now members question whether the CIA mislead the writer and director about any role waterboarding a terrorist played to get to Bin Laden.

The CIA's chief has been told to hand over all information the agency shared with the filmmakers. The intelligence committee's own{} report says the CIA did "not" learn about the courier by waterboarding a terrorist.

Megan Fox on Twitter

It took Megan Fox less than 24 hours to rack up tens of thousands of followers on Twitter. The actress officially joined the social media site on the same day fake rumors of her death started to pop up on the internet, making "RIP Megan Fox" a trending topic.

In her first tweet, she said "I'm incredibly late to the party but I'm here nonetheless, so what now?"

Kris Humphries

This is a little dicey. Remember Kanye West proclaiming that he is the father of Kim Kardashian's baby. There is that small matter that Kardashian is not officially divorced from Kris Humphries.

Under California's family code, a man is presumed to be the natural father of a child if the baby is born during marriage or within three hundred days of it ending!

The divorce probably won't go through until June and that's when the baby is due. Most likely Kanye will sign a declaration of paternity, which will get Humphries out of the middle of all this.